Black and white world Nendo’s Corona globe is the one that I want.

Dymaxion This magnetic folding globe uses the projection that was invented by Buckminster Fuller (see below).

The Dymaxion (or Fuller) map projection (1943) portrays land areas without obvious distortion, and it doesn’t split the continents.

Pin it Mark where you’ve traveled with the Here Countries Globe, which comes with 50 red pins. This globe also uses a triangle-based projection.

Bean bags Why not sit on the Earth or on the stars?

Moon lamp A LED ring rotates around a lunar globe to recreate the phases of the moon that we see from Earth. The accurate surface detail is based on topographic data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Square world Download the template and make an Earth cube:

Earth cake Bake an edible depiction of the Earth’s interior:

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