Cash illusion
Nigel Holmes’ radical redesign of U.S. banknotes makes our money look like more than it is.
And instead of presidents, we have people who robbed banks.

Coin mania
There are millions of coin collectors in the U.S., and consequently several cable T.V. shows that just sell coins. This is a 2018 Proof Silver American Eagle that uses the classic 1916 “Walking Liberty” design by Adolf Weinman.

Infographic coins
Mac Funamizu explored the idea of coins being designed to be more informational and represent their relative value.

More bang for your buck
Another rethink of US currency by Nigel Holmes.

Euro architecture
The buildings on Euro notes are generic so that they are not specific to any country in the European Union. There are seven fictional bridges used on various notes. Robin Stam had the idea of creating real versions, and a housing development in Spijkenisse, which is near Rotterdam, offered to build all of them.

Big money
High-denomination U.S. notes have not been printed since 1947. The low number still in existence are owned by collectors and museums.

This valuable item appeared in a previous post about Eight by Eight magazine. I adapted it from the polymer £5 note. (Australia had the first plastic money back in 1988.) The largest U.K. note is £100, issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland only.

During November 2008, inflation in Zimbabwe is estimated to have hit 80 billion percent. By 2009, all printing of currency was stopped.