Unmanned and overhead


Everyone seems to be buying a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and recording bird’s-eye views of their house, or their town, or something else. Recently, I was at a presentation by Ruben Pater during the IC17 conference in the Netherlands, and he showed this “Drone Survival Guide” from 2013. It can be purchased on a reflective paper that apparently is useful for hiding from drones.
For a more detailed look at the graphic visit: http://www.dronesurvivalguide.org

He also made a 12-inch vinyl record (with composer Gonçalo F. Cardoso) which contains the sounds of various drones.

James Bridle draws actual size outlines of drones in public places to raise awareness of these rarely-seen machines. He also has added drone shadows to Google Maps. (http://shorttermmemoryloss.com)

(Photograph: James Bridle)

Ruben’s project brought back memories of this (rather confused) graphic that I made for Popular Science a mere 21 years ago, when military drones were relatively new on the scene.

A Washington Post graphic, from 2013, explains Amazon’s plans back then to deliver our packages directly to us with drones.

Amazon is currently testing drone delivery in the U.K. (https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Prime-Air/b?node=8037720011)

Here’s what we probably all want as a birthday present: the DJI Phantom 4. (From the user manual.) The basic kit is as low as $1,200.

Good magazine and Column Five found some drone poll results (2012).

And then there’s fantastic drone photography, like this example by Amos Chapple, who gave a presentation at the Schuneman Symposium, here at Ohio University, last year.