Infographics made easy


Most of us have come across some annoying attitudes towards infographics. Like: “Isn’t it all done by your computer?” or “Are you still working on that?” Several years ago (when software was still sold in boxes), I decided to create a make-believe program that would make the bosses very happy. In the future, our replacements might be robots, or androids, but fortunately for us, the companies will probably not contemplate that kind of huge investment in infographics. (Although now I think about it, some of the people that I’ve worked with might have been androids.)

Fast forward There are many resources online for making a quick and easy “infographic,” and plenty of stock infographic elements available to help us bash together something that looks like it might be informational. All of this is cause for considerable concern. You can see the damage all over the place.

I really wish I could say that the “infographics are a luxury” attitude has disappeared since I made this spoof software, but in the last few years there have been numerous examples of it still existing, and it is often followed by the dreaded cutbacks.

Anyway, to those organizations that realize the value of our craft, and support us, I say a big thank you.

Footnote: “Fourteen-A Graphics” is a reference to how many “A”s were needed at the time to get to the top of the phone directory listings.